We focus on making a real difference to our people and the community in which we operate.

As Nigeria’s largest retailer, our commitment to sustainability is built on our workforce and the community we operate.

Retail Supermarkets Nigeria Limited is focused on laying the building blocks for eco-friendly values. Our sustainability initiatives are aimed at connecting the dots between our people and community by engaging in community service, and charitable initiatives, as well as promoting a clean and healthy environment.

We aspire to be Nigeria’s most accessible and affordable retailer and use our scale and bulk buying power to bring consumers consistently low prices on a wide range of food and household items every day;

We offer great job opportunities ensuring that our workforce reflects the communities that we serve.

We #ActForChange in the communities in which we operate by joining forces with local partners on high-impact social investment initiatives that make a real difference in people’s lives.


Social, Environmental, and Economy Sustainability

The environment and social sustainability are central to everything we do. There is a strong case to be made for conducting our business responsibly by striving to make affordable goods and services available to our customers and ensuring our employees’ interests remain a priority.

We are committed to expanding our operations and finding new ways to make a positive difference in the lives of our employees, customers, suppliers, communities, and the environment.


Employees' Skills Development And talent Retention

Our people are an essential part of our business, allowing us to meet the needs of our customers and provide excellent customer service. Our competitive advantage is created by investing in employee development. It improves operational efficiency and promotes organizational resilience and growth.


Customer Centricity

Our ability to recognize and meet the needs of our customers is critical to our success. As the economic reality across our footprint remains challenging and customer expectations rise, we remain committed to affordability, accessibility, and innovation. Our customers are becoming more aware of environmental and social issues, which makes the development of our private-label brands more important.


Supply Chain Resilience

The extensive supply chain of the RSNL enables us to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our supply chain extends from our suppliers to our stores via our own logistics operations and is managed by our fully integrated ERP system, which spans our local, import, and export activities.


Socio-Economic Contribution

RSNL not only trades in communities, but we also strive to add value to these communities by being a part of them. We accomplish this through a variety of programs that actively address unmet needs and build community resilience. Many households lack the resources necessary to meet their basic needs. We see this as an opportunity to improve the lives of society’s most vulnerable citizens by supporting the communities that enable our success.


Environmental Stewardship

We rely on the environment to provide the resources we require throughout our operations. As society evolves, so does its impact on the environment. We see this in the communities where we operate, in our supply chain, and in our own operations. As the largest fast-moving consumer goods retailer and the largest private-sector employer in Nigeria, we take an active role in addressing these issues and recognize our responsibility to operate sustainably where we operate.


Social investment initiatives

We are aware that we are part of a broader community and through our Corporate Social Investment Initiatives, we aim to build and support the resilience of the communities in which we operate while creating shared value for our stakeholders.

Communities are the foundation of our business’s success. They are our customers, suppliers, employees and ultimately our partners. We run empowerment and community development projects to enable economic participation. It’s more than just a responsibility for Shoprite; it’s a way of being, a constant and consistent #ActForChange to bring about meaningful change in local communities.





Our stakeholders play an important role in the value creation process. However, each stakeholder group has unique interests and concerns, which we address through tailored engagements.

Our focus

Being responsible towards our millions of customers.

Channels of engagement

  1. Traditional and new media channels, including television, radio, print and digital drive mass awareness.
  2. Daily in-store and online interaction.
  3. Xtra Savings money-back rewards and personalised offers.

Our focus

Looking after our more than 2000 people.

Channels of engagement

  1. Microsoft Teams, our internal direct digital communications platform, showed a 40.0% increase in the number of employees
    who signed up.
  2. Internal newsletters and various other direct information channels.
  3. Issues raised vary and are frequently linked to the particular individual’s area of operational responsibility. They are
    addressed by operational management.

Our focus

Doing the right thing.

Channels of engagement

  1. A dedicated CSI team engages with community members and organisations through our community projects.

Our focus

Ensuring business continuity.

Channels of engagement

  1. One-on-one supplier/buyer relationships and a dedicated onboarding process are key differentiators for RSNL.
  2. Our integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system provides the platform for managing our extensive
    contractual arrangements and transactional interactions through a supplier portal.

Our focus

Investing for the future growth performance relative to peers.

Channels of engagement

  1. Segmental reporting: allowing investors to determine materiality and make informed decisions.
  2. Regular updates: sales growth updates via the JSE Stock Exchange News Service (SENS) (post-interim and year-end period close).
  3. Presentations: comprehensive webcasts and published financial results twice a year (interim and year end).
  4. AGM combined with first quarter sales update.
  5. Pre-close market call post the AGM aligned with first quarter sales update.
  6. Attendance at leading fund manager conferences: at least two South African-based fund manager conferences
    and one international conference each year.
  7. Shareholder engagement on all AGM matters, including remuneration policy and implementation ahead of AGM
    with the Board and Remuneration Committee (RemCo) Chairman.

Our focus

Compliance: implementation of an electronic compliance survey and assessment tool with suppliers that provides a real-time view on compliance issues with immediate remedial action.

Channels of engagement

  1. Regulation and compliance are managed through a strict risk and compliance process with risk teams in all areas
    of operation.
  2. We participate in industry forums, strive to comply with regulations and provide information to proactively contribute to policy development.

Our focus

Continuing to focus on building strong union partnership and participation

Channels of engagement

  1. A healthy and robust relationship with our bargaining unit is a priority.
  2. Continuous consultation and engagement on relevant operational activities and changes. The onset of Covid-19
    provided increased opportunity to interact with union representatives on shared challenges and solutions.
  3. RSNL is the only Nigerian retailer that is a signatory with the UNIGlobal Union, promoting social dialogue in support of better management and trade union relationships.